What is endodontic retreatment?

Having tooth problems is one of the most difficult things as these troubles are not easy to be cured, the teeth usually hurt and the procedures are very expensive. For example, the endodontic retreatment is one of the most common procedures, but many people fear it because they don’t know what to expect. However, once you need it, you have to do it. Otherwise you will end up losing your tooth. If you have one of these procedures coming up as well, here is what you should know.

An endodontic procedure is usually needed if an infection occurs around the apex of the tooth and you don’t want your tooth removed. However, not all procedures go flawlessly, and you may need further treatment. This is what the retreatment is all about...

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Why Do I Need An Endodontic Retreatment?

Having a root canal treatment is not that complicated and is the simplest way to heal an infected tooth. However, these canal treatments don’t always work, and the dentist can recommend you the second treatment. Why would he do that? Why would you need a second treatment of the same tooth? Well, there are many reasons why you would need a follow-up procedure of the same area, and your dentist can answer this question better than anyone else. However, here are some of the most common reasons why you need another root treatment.

Any dentist knows that there are cases when a tooth may not heal as it is supposed to. One of the most common reasons why a tooth did not heal as it should have is the fact that the root canals are too narrow or curved...

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Why Choose An Endodontist For Your Next Procedure?

Do you have an endodontic surgery to perform or you just have problems with an infection? You would probably go online and find a great dentist in your area or go to your personal dentist to get it over with. However, you may reconsider the problem! Instead of choosing a dentist for all your teeth problems, you might as well go for an endodontist, especially if you have to go through a more serious procedure, such as a surgery. Why should you take this step and go for an endodontist?

First of all, an endodontist is a great choice because he is highly qualified for more procedures than a regular dentist is. If you need endodontic treatment, for example, an endodontist will know what to do as it has two to five additional years of training in endodontic treatments beyond school...

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Is Endodontic Retreatment The Right Choice?

If you feared a root canal treatment will kill you, don’t worry, this procedure has 97% survival rate, so you will be safe in the dentist’s seat. However, as with any procedure, some of the treatments made will fail, and the patients will need to find other ways to heal the teeth. Usually, after a failed canal treatment you have many options and one of them is having an endodontic therapy so you can save some of your teeth. But is this procedure the right one for you?

Making an informed decision should be your first concern. Do you need endodontic therapy? There are several factors involved in this decision, and you need to take them all into consideration. Some of the factors include the patient’s age, needs and also the clinical expectations of the patient...

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